Sunday, September 23, 2007

Logistical Warfare

War in EvE can be fun if you're the one doing the shooting. On the other hand it can be an ugly inconvenience for the industrialist with big obligations. So how does one go about avoiding that inconvenience? The most common course of action is a noob corp alt that's immune to declarations of war. Another viable option is to hire transportation for ones goods. I tend to go with the first rather then the latter as it costs me nothing but my own time.

Cost is what it comes down to in the end. Don't take the ISK damage on the killboard for face value. For every Inter-Stellar-Kredit lost on the killboard (for & against) our members lose 10x that in lost income. War can be a powerful tool against an industrialist, but sadly not as effective against a PvP character.

A typical PvP character doesn't have to face the economical hurdles that an industrialist endures. EvE does a very nice job of making ones losses and pvp meaningful by making you work to pew pew. Sadly it lacks the ability to cut pirates mercenaries and adversaries off from their free market supplies.

For example, if one were able to cut our friends the nanotardz off from ammunition and new ships by not selling goods to them, their feeble war would all but die instantly. It is this exact type of economical warfare that EvE needs to make griefers move on. Perhaps one day...
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