Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everyone's Doing It

I caved. Everyone else was doing this and it seems like a sound idea to give everyone a chance to get to know us better and better understand the joys & frustrations that go with the job.

This is only the 4th blog I operate so lets see how well I can keep up on this as well as the fifty bajillion other responsibilities I have going on in my life right now. A family, a life, a wife, and school.

Yes, school. I recently quit my job and 2nd career to return to school. I'm pursuing Chemical Production & Power Engineering Technology in my scholarly studies. A heavy workload with a great deal of responsibility in the end. As such I have far less time to maintain the current projects I operate in EvE. I've run 2 missions in the last 3 weeks for my own personal gain.
So why bother with managing and directing? Simple really; I love it. Not the power, or the control but to be in a position to make a difference is a big deal to me. I love making a difference. So feel free to ask and question when you see me around.

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